New Tree Care

By assuming the City of Austin will shut off outdoor watering by June, I’ll have a head start on the collective depression our region will feel come August, when just about everything is dead.  But I’m a big fan of balance, so I’m fighting off that inevitable depression by planting lots of trees this winter.  I figure I’m buying a little shade for when we need it most, and a place to dump our used dish water all summer.  Maybe you’re in the same school.  If so, here are some tips to keep your new trees alive.

Water your tree.  How often?  Hard to say.  But when you water, soak the soil to make the water go deep.  Then let the top 6″-12″ of soil dry out before watering again, to train roots to grow down.  When its super hot and dry, this might be once a week.  In winter it might be once a month.  As the tree matures, you can back off watering.

Here’s a chart that attempts to standardize maintenance for fruit trees.  It can also apply to native trees if you’re hyperactive, but for the most part, all you really need to do for the natives is keep them watered.

A stripped down plan is this:  keep your tree watered once a week during the first year and you should be fine.






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