Tree Sale, Winter 2013!

We’ve been waiting for a sign before launching the annual tree sale.

Let it begin.  Our schedule is still nice and bushy despite the season, so to satisfy all of those who decide to take advantage of this sale, we have to keep things simple, which means little deviation from the Official Tree Sale Procedure, outlined below.  Pricing for this sale reflects a range of discounts off of normal pricing, from 0% for 5-gallon trees to almost 50% for the larger trees.

As always, we’ve only included the toughest of the tough native trees, since we are still most definitely in a horrible drought.  Still, all new plants will need regular water for at least the first year, so be prepared to have a plan to do that.  Once a week is a good ballpark.

Official Tree Sale Procedure:

1.  Choose Among Trees From the Official List, Including Quantity and Size.

Mexican White Oak – Semi-evergreen shade tree, one of fastest growing trees available for Austin if you rule out the crappy stuff.
7-gallon – $40
15-gallon – $110
 30-gallon – $250
45-gallon – $375

 Mexican Buckeye – Shrubby/Tree Austin native that gets roughly 15-20′ tall and wide, blooms early spring, can take sun or shade.
5-gallon – $40
20-gallon – $150

Anacacho Orchid Tree – West Texas native small tree for sun, blooms white in summer, pretty leaves in all but winter.
5-gallon – $40
10-gallon – $110

 Texas Mountain Laurel – Austin native, king of small shrubby trees, evergreen, sun or shade.
5-gallon – $40
10-gallon – $110
30-gallon – $275

Texas Redbud – Austin’s native play-by-play announcer for the seasons – when Redbuds bloom, spring is here.  Sun or shade.
5-gallon – $40
10-gallon – $100
20-gallon – $175 

Fruit Trees – Almost all of these are 2-3′ bare-root whips, which will look like bare sticks until spring when they leaf out and start going nuts.  We will choose an appropriate variety unless you have a specific preference.  Peach.  Pear.  Plum.  Apple.  Fig.  Apricot.  Persimmon.  Pomegranate.
$50/each for 3+ trees 

2.  Email Jeremy your address and list of trees NO LATER THAN JANUARY 20, 2013.

3.  Choose the spots for your new trees.  You may use a pin flag, wooden stake, turkey leg, or whatever you have laying around, as long as it’s obvious which tree you want where.  We will come by during the week of January 21 to inspect the placement and make any minor adjustments if needed, and replace your marker with a labeled pin flag.  If you don’t like our adjustments, just move our labeled pin flags back to where you want them, you’re the boss.

4.  We will plant trees starting the week of January 28.  We will plant in an order that makes the most sense to us, as we collect the plant materials.  All trees will be mulched and staked if needed; fruit trees will get a little organic booster amendment at time of planting.  As always, there is no warranty on trees, since we can’t be responsible for anything that happens to them after planting.  See a new tree care guide here –

5.  Ask Questions.  We won’t have time to give everyone a personal consultation to decide on what tree would be the best match for them, but hopefully, there is enough information on our Blog or other websites, including Tree Folks – – to make an informed decision.  Still, any emailed questions will receive a response as quickly and completely as possible, so don’t be shy.

If we all suck hard enough, maybe we can drag some of that West Texas snow to Austin by tomorrow.   Happy tree season!


  1. Wait… is that the price including installation? If so, wow.

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