Tree Sale, 2015!

The annual BioGardener Tree Sale begins!  Tree Sale is always a crazy time for us which suits our lifestyle well.  But for those who require the comforts of order and stability, we’ve created a list of procedures.

1.  Choose Among Trees From the Official List, Including Quantity and Size.

  • Mexican White Oak – The fastest growing of our Oaks and resists Oak Wilt.  Plant at least 20′ from other shade trees or buildings.
    15-gallon – $110
    30-gallon – $250
    45-gallon – $390
  • Burr Oak – Slower growing shade tree, do it for the kids.  Bark texture deepens with age, produce massive acorns.  Plant at least 20-25′ from other shade trees or buildings.
    15-gallon – $110
    45-gallon – $390
  • Texas Mountain Laurel – Austin native, evergreen, sun or shade, 15-20′ at maturity.
    6′ Field Dug – $520
6' Texas Mountain Laurel, and a bearded man

6′ Texas Mountain Laurel, and a bearded man

  • Mexican Sycamore – Like our native Sycamores, only less prone to die during drought.  Relatively fast growing shade tree.  Plant at least 20-25′ from other shade trees or buildings.
    15-gallon – $110

  • Yaupon– Austin native, evergreen, bright red berries in winter.  15-25′ tall at maturity, plant in part shade or full sun.
    30-gallon – $220
Bearded man with 30-gallon Yaupon

Bearded man with 30-gallon Yaupon

  • Fruit Trees – Almost all of these are 2-3′ bare-root whips, which start out as wispy sticks but grow quickly into food producers.  Peach.  Pear.  Plum.  Apple.  Fig.  Apricot.  Persimmon.  Pomegranate.  Almost all are grafted onto hardy, relatively disease resistant root stock tolerant of our alkaline soils.  Some need to two varieties and other self-pollinate, look it up or ask.
    $50/each for 3+ trees

  • Cherry Laurel – Evergreen and retro, these are huge but a little crooked or scarred.  But still healthy and perfect as a small screen tree.
    15-gallon – $110
photo 5

Bearded man observing overgrown and funky Cherry Laurel

  • Grab Bag! – We’ve got a mix of gnarly but perfectly healthy trees:  Chinquapin Oak, Burr Oak, Mexican Plum, Red Oak, and Mexican White Oak.  These trees are crooked, asymmetrical, have deer browse scars, or otherwise wouldn’t satisfy those who seek rigid control in the natural world – a sure way to discover unhappiness.  Pick any, and get ready to bring the funk.
    15-gallon – $75

2.  Email Jeremy your address and list of trees sooner than later, but before JANUARY 19, 2015.

3.  Choose the spots for your new trees.  Use whatever you have laying around so we know what to plant and where.  We may visit to inspect the placement and make any minor adjustments if needed, and replace your marker with a labeled pin flag.  If you don’t like our re-placement, just re-re-place the flag, life if too short to worry about small stuff.

4.  We will begin installing native trees this week – fruit trees will be planted early February.  We will plant in an order that makes the most sense to us.  All trees will be mulched and probably not staked because it’s usually not needed; fruit trees will get a little organic booster amendment at time of planting.  As always, there is no warranty on trees, since we can’t be responsible for anything that happens to them after planting.  See a new tree care guide here –

5.  Take Charge.  Sorry, but we just don’t have the time to give personal consultations on selection/placement unless the price is right, but hopefully, there is enough information on our Blog or other websites, including Tree Folks – – to make an informed decision.  Still, any emailed questions will receive a response as quickly and completely as possible.

Happy tree season!


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