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The Battle of Creative Forces, and Spring Chores

The two most significant forces of the creative process are Ambition and Idleness, and they are at constant battle.  When one gains advantage over the other, the resulting imbalance pinches the flow of creative juices, stalls out the process, and creates misery.  Look what happened to Hemingway, Plath, and Wouk’s Youngblood Hawke. Of all the seasons, Spring is Ambition.  It […]


Death in the Garden

Tonight Austin City Council will vote on the recommendation of the Purchasing Office and Building Services Department to turn the City Hall landscape maintenance contract over to a San Antonio based firm.  This will mark the end of BioGardener’s 6+ year run at City Hall, which was designed as an educational demonstration of Austin’s location at a crossroads […]


Viva BioGardener!

Drought – It Is What It Is Everyday, I get a text update on real-time flow of the Guadalupe River near Center Point.  At this stretch of its 230-mile existence, the Guad is only a few miles from its infancy as a series of springs west of Kerrville but strong enough to support a 6-pack […]


Libertarians, Not the Political Kind

Recurring themes are common at our house.  We’ve been talking about Free Will lately – the belief that humans have the power to control their own thoughts and actions – and now, it comes up everywhere.  It’s not a mystical phenomenon, the concept of Free Will is so broad and basic that one could probably […]


Eco Yard-keeping Article in Edible Austin Cooks!

Jeremy has a fresh article in this years’s special edition Edible Austin Cooks! on sustainable landscape maintenance in Austin.  Go grab a free copy and read what you’re already living.