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ThunderTurf, HabitTurf, NativeTurf Can Be Done! (Sorta)

We’ve heard lots of hype on the Wildflower Center-promoted Habiturf, sold under the name Thunder Turf by Native American Seed in Junction, as a drought-tolerant alternative to St. Augustine and other traditional lawn grasses.  On paper, it’s great:  less mowing, less fertilizer, less water – the perfect mix of the native short-grasses (Buffalo, Blue Grama, […]


Austin Landscapes in the 5th Dimension

Hello January Spring Lovers! Last years frozen pipes are this years Mountain Laurel blooms, so it goes in Austin, TX.   Usually, spring means concentrating on organic soil building to strengthen turf grass and fight weeds.  But drought and rain and unseasonable temps have expanded our understanding of the universe, giving us a new reality […]


My Landscape is Dead, Now What?

Oof, the gauge of public reaction to drought rots in the in-boxes of landscapers all over Austin.  “My grass is dead, we need help replacing it with something that won’t die in drought.  How?” There are no easy answers.  Austin is not Phoenix or Seattle, with predictable rainfall and temperature patterns.  2011 was El Paso […]


Water, Struggles, Triumph

Native Plants Don’t Save Water, People Do Even though we consider ourselves as low-impact landscapers, it’s a struggle for me to be excited about landscaping in this horrific drought.  I might as well be bulldozing garbage into the Guadalupe River. We use alternative fuels in our equipment, but propane and waste veggie oil and biodiesel […]


The Case for Browner Grass

I’m sure everyone deals with this.  Maybe it’s a moon phase, or some Mercurial alignment issue, or a change in weather, or a switch to a beer with a higher alcohol content, but it’s time for one of those disruptive yet potentially inspiring dives, usually lasting a couple of weeks.  Head first, into the waters of discovery and perspective, […]