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Waste Veggie Oil: Crime Fighting Hero!

It’s been a rough month.  Whiny details will be spared, but the lowest point was having one of our trucks stolen from the storage lot in East Austin, the first truck that my friend Farmer Mike and I converted to run on waste vegetable oil two years ago.  APD came to file the report the morning […]


Summer Enlightenment in the Landscape

Hello Hibernation Lovers,   The dormant season is upon us, though a little less extreme this year, and we are grateful.  Just like native plants and wildlife, we enjoy the summer weather as an excuse to slow down and take it easy, have a little seasonal nap, and save our resources for the inevitable burst of activity that comes with cooler weather and more rain, which […]


Closed-Loop Measuring Stick

Almost every day, the BG crew collects excess leaves that could not be mulched and returned to the landscapes they came from.   We also haul away invasive plants, winter cuttings from dormant perennials, fallen limbs, tilled up lawn grass to make way for new native beds, weeds, carcasses of dead trees and shrubs, and more […]



The broken record spins on.  Weeds are a hot topic this year, so I’ve had hours every day to think about the subject, and what we can do about it.  The quick version: Funky Weather Patterns – Two years of record heat and drought.  Then an unusually hard winter, including a super hard freeze.  Then 6 […]


Spring – Time to Build Soils

Like an ancient coral reef, my approach to organic gardening matures, richens, and deepens every season.  I’m like a sponge in the reef, only with legs and eyes, always trying to get close to smart and thoughtful people who have a slightly different and always more experienced perspective than I, and try to absorb as much knowledge […]