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Compost Tea Season

Ask any organic gardener, farmer, rancher, habitat restorationist, ecologist, agronomist, or organic landscaper – microbes are important.  (See Spring 2010 issue of EDIBLE AUSTIN for more.)  Microbes take a whole corner of the foundational soil triangle:  Microbes – Organic Content (Humus) – Soil Structure.  Beyond that, lack of research lends to a variety of opinions […]


Letter to Ollie’s Master

We don’t maintain any landscapes on Sunny Slope Drive, so it took a little sleuthing to figure out how Ollie’s collar found its way to a chicken coop 82 miles from its home.  But Ollie might like to know about the trip his collar took since it went missing, so I’ll do my best to […]


Tree Size and Cost

The nerve of some people.  It can really get a man down.  Like, let’s say you want to shake somebody down for a little cash, and at the same time, want to dig some holes in their yard to bury some living things.  Some people have to take this beautiful concept and make it complicated and messy with petty […]


Soil Test Saves the Day

Organic landscape maintenance programs usually focus on restoring natural balances in soils.  In most of Austin, we can count on a few general assumptions (highly disturbed, alkaline clay soils with minimal organic material) to create a general soil restoration plan.   Topdressing the lawn with compost will add organic material, beneficial microbes, and nutrients, and is our favorite clutch shooter […]


Cleaner Burning Equipment

BioGardener just acquired the newly released propane-powered leaf blower from CA-based Lehr.  We’ve also replaced a couple of string trimmers.  The only propane version of these necessary tools for lawn care, also manufactured by Lehr, had some bugs so we’re staying away until the problems are corrected.  In the meantime, we’ve purchased the absolute cleanest […]