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Finding a Balance

I just finished James McWilliams book Just Food.  My first post/review was a little ramble-y and careless, so it’s been deleted.  A condensed version: Some folks are taking this as a stab to the local food movement.  I think its a testament to the maturity of the movement, and a recognition of how powerful it has become.  Thoughtful […]


Horseherb, Learn to Love It

Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years.  Our native, shade-loving wildflower/weed is bustin’ out all over town after the rains.  Horseherb grows in yards all over Central Texas.  It’s sorta evergreen, especially in protected areas or when a light layer of leaves is allowed to cover them in freezing weather, and has […]


BioGardener’s Battle Against the Cthonian Trio

Hello Lovers of Balance and Harmony! There are lots of ways to value ones profession. Amount of money one makes in a year. How often one makes a positive difference in someone else’s life. Or for some City workers, how many times you can make a contractor fill out a particular form to make a […]


Water – A BioGardener Semi-Philosophical Rant

Hello Lovers of BioGardener! Rich and I have noticed an increase in questions about lawn problems, which seems to be proportional to the increase in hot dry weather during what has become a hellacious summer. As we stumble sweatily around town and the surrounding countryside, we’ve made some observations, philosophized on the current path of […]