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Death in the Garden

Tonight Austin City Council will vote on the recommendation of the Purchasing Office and Building Services Department to turn the City Hall landscape maintenance contract over to a San Antonio based firm.  This will mark the end of BioGardener’s 6+ year run at City Hall, which was designed as an educational demonstration of Austin’s location at a crossroads […]


ThunderTurf, HabitTurf, NativeTurf Can Be Done! (Sorta)

We’ve heard lots of hype on the Wildflower Center-promoted Habiturf, sold under the name Thunder Turf by Native American Seed in Junction, as a drought-tolerant alternative to St. Augustine and other traditional lawn grasses.  On paper, it’s great:  less mowing, less fertilizer, less water – the perfect mix of the native short-grasses (Buffalo, Blue Grama, […]


Fonda Update – November 2011

Fonda is back.  Fall tomatoes taste like summer on cold days, and taste as sweet as they do contradictory in the last hot days of the year. Late-season edible squash blossoms are used in the Fonda kitchen and in insect pollen sacks, and warm us with bright blooms and the hum of bees. Claudia Alarcon […]


2nd Annual – We Prune, We Weed, We Ride

BioGardener celebrated National Bike to Work Day last Friday, which is now an official annual event for us.  For the second year in a row, we strapped on tools and used bikes to make our weekly maintenance visit to Austin City Hall.  We had free breakfast at City Hall with fellow bike commuters, and even […]


Seedy Native Landscape

This week, I accidentally drove by a landscape we ‘designed’ and installed back in 2008.  There were erosion problems, so we built a stream bed to channel water away from the house.  For the rest of the landscape, we installed Austin-native foundation plants like Twist Leaf Yucca, Spineless Pricklypear, Kidneywood, Nolina, Cedar Sage, Mexican Buckeye, and […]