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Rethinking Drainage

Thanks to Matt for sharing a growler of Lovejoy’s Espresso Stout a couple of Sunday mornings ago, and for guiding a quest to find a little inspiration.  He’s got some good ideas for water conservation, using a site’s terrain to channel and absorb rain water in designed “rain gardens,” which embrace the free water instead of allowing it to […]


Hill Country Experiment

Jake “V. Pup Buttrot’s Buttrot” and the Cobbler started a project for our people in Kerrville during the holidays of 2008-9.  With a little help from the biodiesel-powered German Donkey and a crooked-tailed senile dog, we began by ripping out the Asiatic Jasmine along the front of the house. We then brought in 18 tons […]


Historic Home

Built in 1930, this home in East Austin is set to receive a state historical marker as the former home of one of the first Chinese immigrants to Austin, Joe Sing.  The house has now been passed down to Raul Hernandez, the great-great-grandson of Joe Sing.  Raul is dedicated to preserving the historical context of the […]


Fonda Progress – July

July has been harvest time.  Watermelons, cherry tomatoes, Creole tomatoes, yellow squash, jalapenos, zinnias for the tables, purlane, mint, basil, marjoram, hauzontle, chard, and the random surprise here and there.  We’ve had problems in some beds, most like due to poor soils and insufficient amending during bed prep, so we’re trying to correct those issues […]


Fonda Progress – June

Summer is maintenance time in the garden.  The only new plants in June were Red Aztec Spinach and a lone Summer Cilantro that finally came from seed we started a couple of months ago in a greenhouse off-site.  So instead of planting, we’re pulling and harvesting, with a little help from Goldberg and friends. As […]