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Fonda Progress – May

We’re just about done with planting for the summer season at the Fonda garden.   Which is a good thing, cuz there’s a six-foot thorny weed in the back corner, assembling an army to take over operations.  I think the big one threw a rock at me last week. Early this month, Fonda inspiration and author […]


Density Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is weedy.  The time spent mowing, fertilizing, watering, and bugging in other turf grasses is compounded and concentrated into just one simple task for Buffalo:  weeding.  This is especially true for highly disturbed sites, and which sites aren’t? But after a tip from Jon Ahrens, we tried out the ‘Density’ variety from a […]


We Prune, We Weed, We Ride

Last Friday, part of the BG crew celebrated National Bike to Work Day by strapping an electric weedeater, propane blower, weed bags, and hand tools to our backs and riding to perform our weekly landscaping duties at Austin City Hall.  With some bikes borrowed from the best bike team in town, we enjoyed free breakfast […]


Native Grasses, Rare Sedges, Rain, Concrete, and Fatigue

Like the ones that have come before it, this season will change everything forever.  The dust will eventually settle under the humidity of summer, and we’ll be a little older, a little wiser, and a little closer to the place we really want to be.  Some premature reflection half way through: We’ve been testing a new […]


Fonda Update – February

The Missus and I are shivering towards progress, one morning at a time, in the Fonda San Miguel vegetable garden.  We’ve cleaned out 3 of the 14 beds, worked in a cubic yard of Turkey litter compost, and have planted 1,500 carrot seeds, 1,500 radish seeds, and 20 4″ broccoli plants.   We’ve made some […]