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GreenChoice Subscribers No Longer Suckers

The 84 of us who actually were dumb enough to subscribe to Batch 6 of Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program aren’t as stupid as we look.  Our family likes to bounce around from house to house, (it’s good for the kid, roots and community are way over-rated) and contribute to about 1.4% of the City budget […]


New Family of Veggie Gardeners

During this time of year, especially this year of record soul-melting heat, we focus on everything but new plants.  Most installation work happens from March through May, then September through November.  The dormant months of summer and winter are time for seasonal cleanup, regular maintenance, and planning and hardscape phases of installation projects.   Even native […]


City Hall Water Problems

As we approach an end to the first year of the City Hall maintenance contract, new challenges continue to crop up.  The first several months of Fall 2008 were spent on search and rescue.  Several trailers full of plant material were removed from the overgrown beds throughout the property, as we slowly figured out what […]


BioGardener Selected to Maintain Austin City Hall!

As one of the most environmentally progressive municipal buildings in the country, Austin City Hall is advancing the march towards the ambitious goals of its Climate Protection Plan by selecting BioGardener to maintain its award-winning landscape! Designed through observation of the natural vegetative and geological features around Austin, City Hall grounds are one of the […]