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Fonda Update – Transition Time

Fonda San Miguel’s garden is transitioning into spring. The giant squash, the prolific cherry tomatoes and the Mexican herb, papalote, were felled and frozen by the hard December freezes. Taking their place though are versatile cold hardy spring plants like broccoli, turnips, radishes, arugula and carrots which we planted from seed. The rains were helpful […]


Fonda Update – November 2011

Fonda is back.  Fall tomatoes taste like summer on cold days, and taste as sweet as they do contradictory in the last hot days of the year. Late-season edible squash blossoms are used in the Fonda kitchen and in insect pollen sacks, and warm us with bright blooms and the hum of bees. Claudia Alarcon […]


Fonda Update – April 2011

The free plant giveaway at Fonda today.  Huge.  SWAT showed up, and they was flexin’ muscles they’ve never had to flex before.  The scale of this thing was astronomical.  Not counting paid supporters, family, and me, the number of folks mobbing the place for free plants was let’s just say, a number.  A number that cannot be divided […]


Fonda Update – Last March of the Peppers

We are in the process of taking out the last of the warm-season plants and filling the garden with cold-season varieties.  The last signs of summer this season were the peppers, still fiery hot and tasty, even after several nights of freezing temps.  For the hard-working tomato beds, we’ve covered them with compost and Alfalfa […]


Fonda Progress – September

The FSM garden is now a certified wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. To earn certification, the garden needs to provide supplemental food, like from this hummingbird feeder, Supplemental water, from this grade-level water trough built from stone and lined with re-purposed vinyl billboard (which leaks, dammit), A mix of plants that provide seed, […]