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BioGardener – 2015 Winter Notes

Hello BioGardener Lovers: I assume most businesses follow some kind of model in pursuit of success.  But daily decisions predicated on some formula is such a bore – give me the poetry of guts and wits over the sterility of procedure and equations any day. However ambiguous our model and loosey goosey our process, I’m content with the results.  BioGardener is flexible instead of large, thoughtful […]


The Battle of Creative Forces, and Spring Chores

The two most significant forces of the creative process are Ambition and Idleness, and they are at constant battle.  When one gains advantage over the other, the resulting imbalance pinches the flow of creative juices, stalls out the process, and creates misery.  Look what happened to Hemingway, Plath, and Wouk’s Youngblood Hawke. Of all the seasons, Spring is Ambition.  It […]


Change, Your Name is Constance

Changes are happening at BioGardener, just like they do with every business, family, and person that has ever lived.  The seasons still change every year, though a little differently each time,  clients change as their lifestyles require, and the climate of doing business in a fast-growing city changes every week.  Reflecting on how we’ve changed […]


Spring Time Perspective

If pushed, I’d declare Spring my least favorite season.  It’s the rush.  There is no lineal time in gardening, only a revolving and rotating sphere of experiences.  But it can be tough when clients don’t share the same perspective, and stressful. But the Redbuds are blooming and the birds seem a little more frisky, which […]


Tree Sale, 2014!

The annual BioGardener Tree Sale is upon us – get ready to save the world. Official Tree Sale Procedure: 1.  Choose Among Trees From the Official List, Including Quantity and Size. Palo Verde ‘Desert Museum’ – Austin weed destined to rule the Plant Kingdom during and after the Apocalypse – as close to invincible as […]