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Viva BioGardener!

Drought – It Is What It Is Everyday, I get a text update on real-time flow of the Guadalupe River near Center Point.  At this stretch of its 230-mile existence, the Guad is only a few miles from its infancy as a series of springs west of Kerrville but strong enough to support a 6-pack […]


Tree Sale, Winter 2013!

We’ve been waiting for a sign before launching the annual tree sale. Let it begin.  Our schedule is still nice and bushy despite the season, so to satisfy all of those who decide to take advantage of this sale, we have to keep things simple, which means little deviation from the Official Tree Sale Procedure, […]


Crew Love, Fall/Winter Chores, Tree Sale Pre-Orders

Crew Love Human connectivity is a source of personal fulfillment.  Not to imply that I care for the steaming pile of masses – that’s impossible and the world is full of douche bags.  I’m talking about microcosmic connections with worthy folk.  Like, knowing the name of the guy who raised our holiday turkey.  Or the […]


Malabar Spinach Plant, Inversed

And I’m talking about the prolificity of updates lately.  It’s just that we’ve been doing alot of stuff lately:


Austin Landscapes in the 5th Dimension

Hello January Spring Lovers! Last years frozen pipes are this years Mountain Laurel blooms, so it goes in Austin, TX.   Usually, spring means concentrating on organic soil building to strengthen turf grass and fight weeds.  But drought and rain and unseasonable temps have expanded our understanding of the universe, giving us a new reality […]