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New Tree Care

By assuming the City of Austin will shut off outdoor watering by June, I’ll have a head start on the collective depression our region will feel come August, when just about everything is dead.  But I’m a big fan of balance, so I’m fighting off that inevitable depression by planting lots of trees this winter. […]


My Landscape is Dead, Now What?

Oof, the gauge of public reaction to drought rots in the in-boxes of landscapers all over Austin.  “My grass is dead, we need help replacing it with something that won’t die in drought.  How?” There are no easy answers.  Austin is not Phoenix or Seattle, with predictable rainfall and temperature patterns.  2011 was El Paso […]


Tree Sale, Winter Pruning, Cash for Crew

TREE SALE! It happens every year.  We get all gushy thinking back on another year of hard work, great clients, good times, and want to celebrate.  But instead of breaking out the 60% ABV Dutch brew, we’re gonna do something much more productive and announce our annual Tree Sale!   All native trees come from […]


Water, Struggles, Triumph

Native Plants Don’t Save Water, People Do Even though we consider ourselves as low-impact landscapers, it’s a struggle for me to be excited about landscaping in this horrific drought.  I might as well be bulldozing garbage into the Guadalupe River. We use alternative fuels in our equipment, but propane and waste veggie oil and biodiesel […]


Summer – The Stagnant Season

Hello Lovers of Slow Living! The Heat We haven’t turned on the A/C at the house yet, and it hit 100 this week.  Princess Winecup does not tolerate discomfort, but she’s discovered a benefit to the heat that outweighs her greatest intolerance:  the heat gives you an excuse to slow down.  So in the evenings, after the heat has accumulated in every […]