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Spring Feeding and A Quick Survey

  Hello Lovers of the Plumber! Shattered pipes, energy shortages, and dead Agaves: all indications that Spring is near.  Normally, Redbuds announce the new season with their bright pink blooms around Valentine’s Day, but I have a hunch they’ll hold out a little longer this year.  Which gives you a some extra time to plan […]


Corn Gluten, The Cold, and The Puppy Finds a Home!

A quick seasonal note as we bundle and hunker and hum quietly to ourselves “I told you so” to all those who like palm trees and other tropical plants.   CORN GLUTEN Mid February is usually the time to apply corn gluten, as an organic pre-emergent for several broadleaved weeds.  But we are shying away from this […]


Winter Notes

  Hello Lovers of the Reflective Season!   Winter is my favorite cold season.  The beers are dark and thick, the fireplaces crackle and flicker, and work slows down, all creating the perfect occasion to reflect on another great year.  It’s also time for a little action in the landscape, and for some pro-action in anticipation of the upcoming […]


Summer Enlightenment in the Landscape

Hello Hibernation Lovers,   The dormant season is upon us, though a little less extreme this year, and we are grateful.  Just like native plants and wildlife, we enjoy the summer weather as an excuse to slow down and take it easy, have a little seasonal nap, and save our resources for the inevitable burst of activity that comes with cooler weather and more rain, which […]


What Watermelon When?

Farmer Mike gave us a great tip this week on how to know when it’s time to harvest watermelons, so you aren’t just wasting them until you finally get it right: Mike says, to know when an indivual watermelon is ready for harvest, look at the first two tendrils (little flexible things that grow from […]