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Hill Country Experiment

Jake “V. Pup Buttrot’s Buttrot” and the Cobbler started a project for our people in Kerrville during the holidays of 2008-9.  With a little help from the biodiesel-powered German Donkey and a crooked-tailed senile dog, we began by ripping out the Asiatic Jasmine along the front of the house. We then brought in 18 tons […]


The Cobbler’s Kid – #2

Continuing the series showcasing our sad landscaping at home, our beautiful Turk’s Cap at the kitchen table window is now even prettier with it’s infestation of whiteflies: The black mold allows the perfect backdrop for the bright white insects, which feed on the underparts of the leaves.  At about the same time the cobbler got […]


The Cobbler’s Kid Has No Shoes – #1

Part of  a series dedicated to making fun of how crappy the landscape is at our house, check out our sweet patch of backyard heaven: This is was Zoysia ‘Palisades’, left over from Cheline’s project, which we wrapped up in May.   Notice how the grey/tan/ straw coloration contrasts with the sickly pale green hues to create […]