Design and Installation

BioGardener designs aren’t really designs; more like, suggestions on how to maybe improve what already exists.  For certain sites, what already exists happens to be invasive, noxious, and unsustainable, which forces us to make some tough decisions on how to effectively and responsibly deal with the nastiness.  But at least we try.

Landscaping is a self-contradicting joke.  It usually begins by tearing a bunch of stuff up and ends with sticking a bunch of new stuff in its place.  Mainstream landscaping wipes out a site, disturbs the soil (again), and tries to maintain as much control as possible, all in an effort to “beautify”.   There is a balance to achieve in all things; we strive to at least pretend to make an effort to find aesthetic, functional, and economic balance in all of our projects.

Our main goal is to provide smart, simple, and sustainable solutions for landscapes that also happen to benefit wildlife and preserve and conserve natural resources.  No fluff, no extravagance, nothing out of context with the natural surroundings. 

There are a handful of souls who have broken the rules of traditional landscaping long before we did.  They, along with the natural beauty of Central Texas, are our inspiration.